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  • Gene's new song "Another Day" wins first place at Rapunzel's 2014 Song Writing Contest, ties for first in the Ashland Coffee and Tea Songwriter's Showdown, and gets honorable mention in the 2015 Indie International Songwriting Contest.
  • "River, Railway, Road" wins second place in the Rapunzel's 10th Annual Songwriting Contest. (135 songs were submitted, and 30 were selected for live performance.)

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(June 25) Kate Ruby said:

Looking forward to hearing you Saturday at the Farmers Market@St. Stephen's.
(June 2) Rebecca Jones said:
Beautiful music and lyrics like stories that deliver you to a new place. I'm still humming the melodies and seeing the vistas that take shape in those words -- and I'm greatly looking forward to seeing you play again. Thank you for a wonderful evening.
(Mar 19) Ian Underwood said:
Hey guys - ya'll are awesome! Thank you so much for your help in my proposal! We'll be sure to catch you again!!
(Oct 2) Anonymous said:
Heard you at ACT tonight ... most enjoyable. Thanks!

(June 16) Vince said:

Loved hearing you at the SOJ market today. I could have pulled up a chair and listened to you all day. Your music reminds me so much of my youth, it makes me tear up with joy.
Thanks to both of you.

(Jan 8) Anonymous said: has added two songs from your album If Stones Could Talk. Congratulations!
--John Hart /

(Sept 14) Dan said:

Great show. Loved listening to you.

(Sept 3) Liz said:

Beautiful performance tonight at Ellwood's Cafe -- full of heart and pine!


"Some of the best organic music you could hope to come across.  Killer stuff."

Chris Spector, Midwest Record

photo by Gary Alter


If Stones Could Talk:

"For those that love fables of experience, tragedy, love and endeavour both happy and sad plus the indefinable human essence that comes in spades with Americana, this is an album you must have. If these songs don’t move you, then your soul is made of stone."
Tim Carroll, FolkWords

“Master Craftsman of American song forms, Gene Mills, along with his wife Gayla, have created another gem of original music with "If Stones Could Talk." Stories revealed from modern times to past along with his stellar guitar work show why Gene continues to be one of my favorite writers and musicians.”
Steve Smith, Steve Smith and Hard Road

“Skillful and witty writing, clean and tasteful guitar picking, heartfelt lyrics. Very enjoyable!”
Pete Marshall, WTJU

Google translation from Dutch review:

"For the lead vocals in the songs change both regularly than the other but what makes harmony vocals. This couple is possessed by the music that is made clear in almost every song on this album. With three songs in the bluegrass style, two pure country songs, five typical folk songs and two instrumental contributions, "If Stones Could Talk" is a pretty diverse album that you can smoothly from start to finish listen."


Waiting for Rain:

“A charismatic acoustic collection of beautiful, rural story songs…a compelling and seasoned effort”
Maverick Magazine

"[The] songwriting, singing and picking are top notch."
Bruce Bergethon, WGLT, Normal IL


“The dynamic between the both of them is just beautiful. It’s a sweet thing to watch.”
Karen Atkinson, WHAN radio.

“"Gene's rich vocals and poignantly moving songwriting combined with Gayla's harmony and bass make this duo one of the best (and also one of the best-kept secrets) in the central Virginia music scene."
Sara Taylor, Rapunzel's

"Gene and Gayla… enjoy a wide regional audience in the folk and bluegrass tradition of character-driven storytelling."
Dennis DaLuiso, Cville Coffee